Building a Relevant Instagram Following

Andrew Cokenour discusses the tactics of building a meaningful Instagram following on the Zoetica blog, and I felt like the post resonated with the work I do today and hope to continue. Most of this semester we have talked about the importance of engagement and specific, active tactics for social media, but little has been said about aesthetics. Cokenour touches on the topic in this blog post, and I agreed that the visual appeal of a page is one of the most vital aspects of a social media page.

You notice as you go across brands and identities over social media that everyone creates a different look. I have always found the composition of photos on a page to be one of the most interesting aspects of social media. As Cokenour mentions, Instagram is a visually-based platform. Patterns, cohesive colors, and designs are crucial to making a page visually appealing, and this is the most immediate way to attract followers, whether those followers are aware of it or not! He referenced the app Planoly, which enables you to plan and visualize your page before you actually make any significant posts, and I found that incredibly useful. Especially with my generation, there is a huge emphasis placed on the aesthetic of a brand and how it makes you feel, so it is becoming increasingly important to focus on your overall look as a brand on social media.

Cokenour goes on to describe engagement as a strong factor in gaining an Instagram audience, and he gave examples even for brands and pages that may not be visually appealing in the first place. I chose this post because of this emphasis on looks and the visuals of a brand, as shallow as it may seem upon first glance. I agree with Cokenour that an appealing aesthetic is one of the best way to gain a truthful audience, and I like that he did not shy from the topic since it seems so simple. In my time working with social media, I have always seen the best response when maintaining a steady, cohesive, and appealing image on social media.

Read the blog post discussed here.


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